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Our Journey

Situated beside the shitalakshya river, Narayanganj is one of the most important port cities of Bangladesh. It is called “golden gate” of capital Dhaka, also renowned as the “Dundee of the east”. Country’s biggest RMG sector has also been established on the centre of the city. For these definite reasons a huge crowd of people has been gathered in the city for last few decades. But there was always a need for quality education in the mind of people. There were two government colleges on the nearby thana but in the Sadar thana there was no college that can fulfil the demand of standard education. In this state of affairs, in 1st march of 1980, after after the nationalization of Tolaram college, a well-known educative, the erstwhile member of parliament, Late Hazi Jalal uddin Ahmed discussed with Mohkuma Commissioner (MC) Aminur Rahman about the situation and took initiative to establish a college in the centre of the city. His initiative was welcomed in every way by all the prominent persons. The position was chosen by them and took the land of PWD as lease for two years. Thus in, 1980 Narayanganj college started its journey to enlighten the city with knowledge, creativity and moral values by its skilled teacher panel and till now is serving the education sector of the district with distinction and continuous development. At the beginning there were 12 teachers and 100 students. Mr. Mosharrof Hossain was entitled as the first principal of the college. In 1982, Babu Jibon Kanai Chakroborti took the responsibility of principal. The college has been enlisted as the best college of the district for several times and is providing intellectual students to public universities every year. (Source: History of Narayanganj, P-283, Published by Sudhijon Pathagar in 26the march of 1985 by the patronization of District Administration)



Present Information

Presently the college is being operated by a Governing Body (GB) which is presided by Honourable Member of parliament and freedom fighter A.K.M. Selim Osman. His exceptional leading is directing the college toward a glorious and prosperous future. It offers Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) course for Science, Business studies, Humanities group under the authority of Secondary and Higher Secondary education department (SHED). It also offers graduation degree (Honours and Pass course) under the authority of National University. It has eight departments for honours. They are: Department of Accounting Department of Marketing, Department of Management, Department of Bangla, Department of English, Department of Social work, Department of Political Science, and Department of Economics. For pass course it offers Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of arts (BA), and Bachelor of Social Science (BSS). Total number of current students is around 17,000. Opening Professional Courses (BBA, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Computer Science) and Masters Courses in all the above departments is on under process.


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